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Completely Random Sports Non Sequiturs From A Completely Random Hip Hop Head

Direct Disappointment

Posted by hiphopmama on September 6, 2008

Even Federer’s win can’t dull this one for me. The DirecTV guy already came and went, and they couldn’t install our satellite because we have rain gutters around our entire house and they didn’t have anywhere to put the dish. They need to order some expensive part to install it, which we won’t have to pay for, luckily, but we’ll have to wait till around Wednesday because it’s so rarely needed that they don’t keep it in stock. 

Sour grapes time. Who cares about the first week anyway? Teams are just warming up. Line-ups aren’t set. No one’s in full stride yet. Ah, what am I saying – this sucks! They better not charge us until we get the damn thing installed.


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