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Mary Carillo Praises Common For His “Clean” Life

Posted by hiphopmama on September 6, 2008

During Serena’s match against Safina – which she won in straight sets – Mary Carillo took the opportunity to expound, in her great wisdom, on Serena’s relationship with Common (Sense), the legendary Chicago rapper best known in hip hop circles for his allegorical ode to the culture, “I Used To Love H.E.R.” off his legendary album Resurrection. She had the following to say about Serena’s first set and her new boyfriend:

“Well, what was pretty about it was how calm and serene Serena stayed and she has developed an uncommon friend in that man right there, Common. [camera on Common] You can see Greg Norman behind him. Uh…he has…uh…he’s been around this year and he goes against all the attendant cliches you think of when you think about rappers: you know living hard, dangerous. Chris Everett in the black cap behind him. This guy, everybody loves this guy…says he’s been the best thing…um…for Serena. Her relationship with him has been nothing but good. He lives a very clean life, VERY serious fellow, a rapper, an actor. He was in that Angelina Jolie movie that came out earlier this year.”

Maybe it’s a bit more subtle, but it sounds a little too much like Chris Rock for my taste, when he notes that white people love to compliment Colin Powell and other blacks for “speaking so well.” As Chris said, “speaks so well” is not a compliment. That’s something you say about a “retarded kid who can talk.” Fuck outta here. It’s nice to know that Mary Carillo can pick out the “good ones” and can appreciate a rapper who lives a “clean life” and is very “serious.” I know she was trying to give a compliment in this case, but it was damn sure a back-handed one. If she knew anything about the hip hop culture she was so flippantly characterizing, she would keep her mouth shut and just call the game. I think we’d all appreciate that.

And now to let Common speak for himself. Here’s a link I found to the aforementioned classic track, “I Used To Love H.E.R.” Check the lyrics on to get the full scope of the song. 

Common – I Used To Love H.E.R.


2 Responses to “Mary Carillo Praises Common For His “Clean” Life”

  1. Samantha said

    I have to say that I like Mary Carillo’s commentary most of the time. But this blog reminds me of my annoyance with
    Mary for going on and on about how Venus and Serena are not committed enough to tennis, and how they could have won so many more tournaments if they were more committed. Mary Carillo seems to like pontificating about other people should live their lives. If Venus and Serena had taken her sage advice and played more tennis maybe they, like Mary, could have retired at age 23 with bad knees.

    • hiphopmama said

      I agree, she needed to let up on the Williams sisters. If they’re good enough to only show up for the majors and STILL win them, who cares? Good for them. Unlike you, I don’t care for her at all, and her constant negativity toward anyone in the women’s game who doesn’t do things exactly how she wants is a big reason. Give me any other female commentator in her place. Please.

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