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Serena Bests Jankovic for U.S. Open Title

Posted by hiphopmama on September 8, 2008

It was a fun match to watch, at least if you were a Serena fan. She didn’t exactly tear through her like I thought, but it wasn’t much of a struggle, either. Serena won the first set handily, 6-4, but Jankovic rallied to capture then lose then re-capture a break advantage in the second, eventually losing it 7-5 after failing to convert a couple set points. 

I’ve been unsure how to feel about Jelena Jankovic since she came on the scene, but she definitely won me over tonight. She can come across as a bit of a pouter sometimes, but she was all smiles here, even in defeat. Plus her mom is awesome. I’ve never seen another tennis parent be so calm and objective about their kid, even when said child is losing. Nothing seems to faze her. I also respect how she made Jelena stay doing school, which prevented her from rising up the rankings earlier and faster than she did. If she would cut out her Djokovic habit of calling the trainer for every hangnail, I’d be able to root for her wholeheartedly. 

Can’t wait for tomorrow’s men’s final, even at the odd hour (5 eastern/2 pacific on a week night?). Andy Murray has looked much more mature and composed, but I still can’t forgive him his previous sulking. Maybe if he sticks with the new approach for a little longer. In the meantime, go Federer. Let’s make it five in a row.


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