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Fed Makes It Five

Posted by hiphopmama on September 9, 2008

Federer became the first man to ever win five consecutive titles at two different grand slam events – Wimbledon and the U.S. Open – by beating Andy Murray in straight sets, 6-2 7-5 6-2. It was a satisfying victory for Roger, who has looked noticeably subpar by his stratospheric standards, having made it till September without a Grand Slam title after winning three out of four the last two years. It’s a testament to his dominance that this year has been perceived as a disappointment when he made it to three finals and one semi-final with one major title to boot. Hopefully this will get him back on track for ’08. As he said, “One thing for sure, I’m not going to stop at 13. That would be terrible.” He’s one shy of Sampras’ record of 14.

Andy Murray was essentially outclassed. His one glimmer of a chance came in the second set when he broke back, then broke a second time to take the lead. It all slipped away, however, and it was downhill from there. 

I’ve been a Murray hater for a while, but he looked, played, and acted great this tournament, almost winning me over and converting me to comfortably neutral. He got a little down on himself toward the end, but who doesn’t against Federer? He was gracious in defeat as well. Most importantly, he put himself on the map. I believe he’ll move up to number 4 in the rankings, and I would wager he’ll stay in the top 5, top 10 at least, for a while to come. If Federer and Nadal ever give up their stranglehold, he and Djokovic will be the next ones waiting in the wings.

And finally, will Mary Carillo please shut the fuck up? She’s always bitching about something, and tonight it was the challenge system. She’s been one of the few to dislike the system since its inception, and she’s always coming up with different reasons why it sucks. Tonight, it was the mere existence of line callers that irked her, as she asserted that all the lines should be called by Hawk-Eye. I agree, in the sense that tennis should begin moving in this direction. But I feel like the current system is a good middle ground, a stop gap until they can make sure the technology is just right and get everybody on board. For such an old-ass, traditional sport, I’ve been impressed that tennis has incorporated the line-calling machines at all. As for Carillo, her whining about it seems to just be an excuse to talk some more. With her reasoning always on the move, I don’t really believe she has some principled opposition to it. Her argument that you shouldn’t have to stop a point to get the call right is correct in the abstract, but at least having the opportunity to do so and check where the ball landed is an advantage the challenge system provides, rather than having to just take the calls as they come. I’m sure the system will continue to get better, hopefully getting to fully automated line calling sooner rather than later, but in the meantime I think it’s working just fine. Get over it, Mary.


One Response to “Fed Makes It Five”

  1. Danielle said

    rowrrr! federer is HOT. i love it i love it i LOVE IT!

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