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NFL Week 2 Wrap-Up

Posted by hiphopmama on September 15, 2008

Apparently it was comeback week in the NFL, because there were quite a few teams that brought themselves back from seeming defeat to win or at least make a game of it. There weren’t too many surprising results, except that both Oakland and San Francisco won in the same week (shocker!), but it was an exciting Sunday just the same. Here are the scores, with my own inestimable commentary.

– Tennessee 24, Cincinnati 7

  • Kerry Collins’ steady hand helped lead the Titans to an easy victory over an abysmal Bengals team, which is now 0-2. Ocho Cinco looked beleaguered, as did Cincinnati’s offense in general, and the Tennessee game plan ran smoothly with the back-up quarterback at the helm. I expected the Titans to do well, but not this well.

– Green Bay 48, Detroit 25

  • This was one game that featured a good comeback, with the Lions coming back from 21-0 down in the second quarter, but Detroit couldn’t hold on to the brief lead they captured. Once again, Rodgers was composed and effective, even more so than in his week 1 performance. Could he look more impressive at this point?

– Oakland 23, Kansas City 8

  • McFadden went absolutely nuts in this one, rushing for 164 yards on 21 carries, including a 50 yard run and TD in the third quarter. It was a good showing for the Raiders, although they did lose Justin Fargas to a groin injury in the first half.

– New York Giants 41, St. Louis 13

  • The Giants D looked unfazed by its recent personnel losses, sacking Bulger six times. Eli Manning played great too, going 20/29 for 260 yards and 3 touchdowns (and no interceptions, mind you). The Rams looked hopeless again.

– Indianapolis 18, Minnesota 15

  • This was one of the bigger comebacks of the day. The Colts were down 15-0 in the third quarter, but Peyton was able to lead them back since the Vikings were only able to manage five Ryan Longwell field goals. Vinatieri grabbed the lead for Indy with a 47 yard field goal with three seconds left on the clock. We had stopped watching this one with the score so lopsided, but we were able to catch the end, after picking our jaws off the floor.

– New Orleans 24, Washington 29

  • This was another one we turned away from, my husband happily assured of a Saints win late in the game. The Redskins turned it around, though, as Jason Campbell netted 321 yards, the highlight being a 67-yard TD to Santana Moss. Brees’ two interceptions and Shockey’s lost fumble didn’t help, either. Shockey had a hand in one of the interceptions too, so not a great day for him. Ha. Ha. Ha.

– Chicago 17, Carolina 20

  • The Panthers pulled off another improbable comeback this week after falling behind 17-3 in the third quarter. Rookie RB Jonathan Stewart led the charge with 77 yards and 2 TDs. How is this team 2-0? I guess you could say it’s been a gutsy 2-0 start.

– Buffalo 20, Jacksonville 16

  • This one was a bit of a comeback as well, with the Bills rallying from 10-16 down in the fourth quarter. Trent Edwards was spot-on (20/25, 239 yds, 1 TD), especially on his 7-yard TD pass to James Hardy in the fourth. And now the Bills are 2-0. Can’t say I foresaw that one.

– San Francisco 33, Seattle 30

  • San Francisco was down 13-20 at the end of the first half, but J.T. O’Sullivan’s 321 yards helped bring them back and force overtime, where Joe Nedney’s 40-yarder got them the win. With SF 1-1, I have less ammunition with which to deny my husband the right to view them next week. Damn.

– Atlanta 9, Tampa Bay 24

  • I can’t lie – I didn’t see a minute of this one and didn’t really want to. But I can tell you that Griese played competently enough to trounce the Falcons and rookie QB Matt Ryan, who went 0 for 9 to open the game. Meh. That’s all I got for that one.

– San Diego 38, Denver 39

  • This was a great game – lots of scoring, lead changes, and some amazing plays, particularly by Chargers RB Darren Sproles. Sproles ran for 53 yards in relief of an injured LT, but his best plays were a 66 yard TD catch and a 103 yard kick return for a touchdown. I was pulling for San Diego, but I couldn’t hate anyone at the end of the game, except perhaps Ed Hochuli, for blowing the whistle on what should have been called a fumble by Jay Cutler on second and goal. A review showed it was not, as Hochuli called it, an incomplete pass, but the rules don’t allow possession to change on such an instance, and the Broncos reached the end zone in short order on a 4 yard pass to Eddie Royal. They followed it up with a 2 point conversion, also to Eddie Royal, to grab a one point lead, which they maintained to win. This is why I got DirecTV. Except that I had this game on my local station anyway. Ah shit.

– New England 19, New York Jets 10

  • Favre didn’t look nearly as impressive in this one, especially in comparison with Aaron Rodgers’ performance in week 2. Favre (18/26, 181 yds, 1 TD, 1 INT) made a couple of big plays for the Jets’ offense, but he also lofted one for his first pick of the year. Matt Cassel was as good as necessary, going 16/23 for 165 yards, and he looked comfortable with the offense. Favre tried to bring them back but was held off by the New England defense. Boo hoo, Brett. Boo hoo.

– Miami 10, Arizona 31

  • Kurt Warner had it clicking all day and finished with only 5 incomplete passes (19 for 24), 361 yards, and 3 touchdowns, all three to Anquan Boldin, who picked up 140 yards receiving. Larry Fitzgerald also reaped the benefits of Warner’s accuracy with 153 yards of his own. Warner ended up with a perfect 158.3 passer rating in the process. Oh, and the Dolphins looked miserable. Poor Chad.

– Pittsburgh 10, Cleveland 6

  • Typical Pittsburgh game: low score, turnovers, gutsy performance. Roethlisberger played the game with a separated shoulder but still did well enough (12/19, 186 yds, 1 TD), and Willie Parker added 105 yards rushing. Not the prettiest game, but at least it was close the whole way through.

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