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Inter Edges Out Catania

Posted by hiphopmama on September 16, 2008

Inter Milan 2, Catania 1

It was overall a good match for Inter, especially after the week 1 draw with Sampdoria. Quaresma was on point in his first real match, and he even scored a quasi-goal that went in off a deflection by Catania’s Mascara. I love how he scoops that ball with the front of his foot like nothing and then directs it at will. He almost makes me want to root for Inter. Almost. And then I see Materazzi and I remember why I root for AC Milan, which is admittedly a depressing pursuit at the moment. 

The biggest moment in the match, though, was the sending off of Inter’s Muntari, who got in a little scrap with Tedesco and, after receiving his fair share, sent a wayward hand limply to the face of the Catania player. There was a brief scrum, and Muntari was shown a straight red, while Tedesco got the yellow. It was bullshit all the way, and Tedesco’s theatrics were for the ages. He had the whole bit: delayed reaction, wrong trajectory from the “blow,” ridiculously exaggerated fall that inexplicably lifted him off his feet. I’m not a “native” soccer fan, in that I came to it fairly late in life, after growing up watching more typical American sports like basketball and (NFL) football, but the ridiculous flopping (to use a basketball term) really bugs me. I love that the refs can hand out a yellow card if they see fit for players taking a dive, and I wished they’d cut back on it more. I know basketball players do it too – Reggie Miller was the master of taking phantom fouls, even extending his leg on a jump shot a la Cristiano Ronaldo in the penalty box – but it is so out of control in soccer. It even causes situations like this one to escalate beyond all reason. I don’t know enough of the history to say whether this is better, worse, or the same as in the past, but whatever the case I wish it would stop, or at least lessen quite a bit. It’s not likely, though, when players get this kind of outcome by doing it, and on such a big playing field it’s hard for the refs to catch everything. Just like in basketball, they only ever catch the retaliation.


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