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AC Milan 1 – 0 Inter

Posted by hiphopmama on September 29, 2008

Inter made it interesting down the stretch, but AC Milan won this one through and through. The only goal came in the first half courtesy of Ronaldinho, who sent home a stinging header off a perfect cross from Kaka in the 36th minute. The two Brazilians linked up beautifully the whole game, almost connecting for a goal a few minutes prior to the eventual winning score. Milan generally dominated possession in a first half which saw a few good chances but was otherwise pretty straightforward. The second half, on the other hand, was about as contentious as expected between these two rivals. The refereeing was inconsistent at best, with Inter picking up four yellow cards and two reds in the second half after receiving none in the first. There were definitely a few questionable calls in there, including one stretch in which it appeared that every single Inter challenge resulted in a card. Burdisso was sent off late on a deserved yellow card, although his first yellow was more dubious. Materazzi also received a red card from the bench for complaining about a non-call in the penalty area when Milan’s Flamini hit Adriano upside the head, preventing a prime goal scoring opportunity for Inter. It was the third straight win for Milan after losing their first two, and it was Mourinho’s first loss since taking over at Inter.

The three Brazilians up front for AC Milan – Kaka, Ronaldinho, and Pato – played well together, creating opportunities and playing tenaciously. Inter’s strikers were considerably less effective despite having a number of good chances. Ibrahimovic looked less than his stellar best, and Mancini, in contrast to his recent good form with the team, was relatively timid as well. Maicon was a bright spot, as usual, but Quaresma did little to bolster the attack. Adriano and Julio Cruz came on in the 59th minute (for Mancini and Materazzi), and Inter’s offensive play picked up considerably upon their entrance. Adriano especially found himself in the right place at the right time, but he handled them disappointingly (noticing a theme here?), especially when he blew a header that could have tied the game. Abbiati played flawlessly in goal for Milan, stifling opportunities and grabbing the ball definitively in dangerous situations. It was Ronaldinho’s first goal for Milan, and it was pretty. =)

p.s. Am I the only one who wishes GolTV still had Serie A? I miss Ray Hudson screaming orgasmically about these games…


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