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Espanyol 1 – 2 Barcelona

Posted by hiphopmama on September 29, 2008

This was another one with this scoreline that went down to the wire. Espanyol grabbed an early lead when Coro scored in the 20th minute off a spilled ball from Valdes, who had a pretty good case for being impeded despite the no-call. Barca absolutely dominated possession the whole way through (especially after Espanyol’s Nene was sent off in the 45th minute) but were unable to come up with an equalizer until the 84th minute, when Thierry Henry initially lost then retrieved a great long ball by Xavi. The rest of the game was played fast and furious by Barcelona, who had seemingly interminable opportunities go wayward. Finally, well into stoppage time (which was screwy after some fan disturbances temporarily postponed the match in the second half), Eto’o went down in the area and was awarded a penalty against Pareja. Messi casually put it away, and Barca went away with all three points, somewhat surprisingly. It was a controversial call, to be sure, especially in this Catalan derby, the last such match to be played in Espanyol’s Estadio Montjuic.


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