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How Sports Blogging Is Killing My Love Of Sports

Posted by hiphopmama on October 8, 2008

That title might be a little exaggerated, but you get the point. I’ve had a great time reading and writing incessantly about my favorite sports since starting this blog, but lately I’ve watched simultaneously more and less than I ever have before. In one sense, I’ve seen bits and pieces of more soccer matches than at any time in the past. In another, I have only watched one or two matches all the way through with any real focus on the play. Soccer is a great thing to have on in the background while conducting my parenting business during the day – there’s nothing objectionable in the content, and I can tune in and out without missing essential parts of the action, thanks to my trusty DVR. (As a contrast, football doesn’t lend itself so easily to this kind of viewing. Each play can be critical, and when you miss one you’ve missed a much more significant portion of the game.) Because I can easily watch soccer during the day with my daughter, I can potentially get through a lot of matches. However, I can’t devote much attention to any of them, and I end up rewinding the goals and missing most of the rest of the action just so that I can write them up and move on to another match. The result is that I rarely get to enjoy a complete game and it’s often midweek before I can finally watch some of my favorite teams. (Case in point, as I write this I’m watching AC Milan’s match against Cagliari – nobody ruin the outcome for me!) 

So, in the spirit of true fandom, I’m changing my focus here. I’ve given up on covering any and every game under the sun, or even those in my three selected leagues. I can’t keep up with it and it’s bogus anyway, since I can’t possibly watch all those games. Instead, I’m just writing up whatever I happen to see, and completeness be damned. I figure anyone who wants the full scoop on any of these leagues will head to a much better website anyway. That said, I want to follow my own Big Eleven teams in the Big Three leagues in Europe, which are as follows:


  • Arsenal
  • Chelsea
  • Man Utd
  • Liverpool

Primera Liga:

  • Real Madrid
  • Barcelona
  • Valencia

Serie A:

  • AC Milan
  • Inter 
  • Juventus
  • Roma

Not a very surprising list, I admit, but I can cover the major stories in each of those leagues by following those teams, and if anything else interesting enough happens, maybe I’ll deign to speak on it. It’s a completely elitist, American approach, but that should come as no surprise, seeing as my soccer viewing is subject to the whims of the national soccer broadcasts chosen for me. My apologies to all the second tier teams and their fans, who I’m sure deserve lots more love and respect, but it just ain’t in the cards. I pulled for Sevilla with all my might a couple years ago, but it was harder to keep up with them because the coverage just wasn’t there and it’s no different now. I’m a big market girl in a big market world, and I’m going to fall in line.

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