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Cagliari 0 – 0 AC Milan

Posted by hiphopmama on October 9, 2008

I don’t even want to talk about this match. Having seen the whole thing, I wish someone would have just ruined it for me and told me the outcome so as to save me the time. AC Milan – with a front three consisting of Kaka, Ronaldinho, and Pato – couldn’t score a single goal against lowly Cagliari, who were sitting on zero points, even when they controlled 67% of the possession. Milan had been playing better of late, having won their last three Serie A games, including the derby with Inter last week, but they had nothing in this game. Bringing on Inzaghi and Shevchenko late for Ronaldinho and Pato raised the urgency of Milan’s play briefly, but it wasn’t enough. I have nothing more to say about this one, except that Ancelotti’s tenure looks shakier and shakier, as does Spalletti’s at Roma, despite what Sensi is saying in his defense. Let the rumors of their exchange continue.


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