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Good For You

Posted by hiphopmama on October 9, 2008

Rio Ferdinand has made what should be a quite uncontroversial statement, which is that FIFA needs to do a better job of deterring hateful speech and actions in international matches, specifically by deducting points from teams whose fans engage in such behavior. He notes that the paltry fines do next to nothing to stop fans’ participation in these actions, and, quite rightly, that FIFA should live up to its touted “zero tolerance” policy against such bigoted behavior. All I can say is: duh. Props to Ferdinand for saying so, but it shouldn’t take much thought to figure this one out. If you make it truly detrimental to teams, the boneheadedness will be much reduced, as has been made clear with the NBA’s automatic suspension rule for players who leave the bench during a brawl. It’s a different situation in that it involves the athletes themselves rather than the fans, but when you have spectators getting as heated and involved as you do in these soccer matches, their actions have to be dealt with seriously. Good lookin’ out, Rio.

Ferdinand: Deduct Points to Punish Racists (


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