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Ha. Ha. Ha.

Posted by hiphopmama on October 13, 2008

Few things in the sporting world trump my hatred of Boston area teams, but the Cowboys are one of them. To see them lose – and to lose like this, to the Arizona Cardinals, after a great start to the season – is the ultimate for me. Especially on a day when my Eagles picked up a win and the Redskins also lost, making the NFC East picture a tiny bit murkier. 

The Cardinals played a good game, and the Cowboys were only able to force overtime after a couple big plays and a couple boneheaded moves by Arizona. First, with the clock running out, a Cardinal defender is unable to make it to his side of the line of scrimmage before the snap because of an injury, so there’s a five yard penalty for offside. Then AZ’s coach, Ken Wisenhunt, waits till the last millisecond to call a timeout to try and ice the Dallas kicker, only to see his team block the kick which ended up not counting. The Cowboys turn around and put the 52-yarder through the uprights and win the coin toss to receive first in OT. Thankfully, the AZ defense held its own and the Cowboys had to punt just outside their own goal line. Then, miracle of all miracles, Sean Morey got to the punter untouched, blocked the kick, and watched as Monty Beisel rolled his way into the end zone with the ball to win the game. 

Ecstasy. That’s all I can say. My cats were treated to extra food, which is saying something since my husband is a grinch with the cat food. We are training them to hate the Cowboys as well.

Here are the highlights of the end of the game:


One Response to “Ha. Ha. Ha.”

  1. dmbkarma said

    As a diehard 49ers fan, ANYTIME the Cowboys lose, is a good day. I wonder if the cats will now start to salivate towards the end of a Cowboys loss…Pavlovian and all.

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