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Tuesday Champions League Results

Posted by hiphopmama on October 22, 2008


Theo Walcott, my new best friend

Theo Walcott, my new best friend


Group E

Villarreal 6-3 AaB Aalborg

Man Utd 3-0 Celtic


  • The so-called “Battle of Britain” didn’t live up to its title. Or maybe it did, considering the opponents involved. It wasn’t even as close as 3-0. Goals: Berbatov (29′), Berbatov (51′), Rooney (76′)


Group F

Bayern Munich 3-0 Fiorentina

Steaua Bucuresti 3-5 Lyon

Group G

Fenerbahce 2-5 Arsenal

  • Fun match to watch, at least for neutrals or Arsenal fans. The Gunners scored early and often, getting out of the blocks quickly with back-to-back goals by Adebayor and Walcott, who is looking better by the day in a sort of two steps forward one step back kinda way. Fabregas set up both goals with lovely through balls, and Walcott in particular looked impressive, leapfrogging the keeper and maintaining possession with the slightest of touches. His awareness out there is fast improving, which was clear in how he handled himself for that goal, never looking up at the goal before maneuvering around and striking it home. Fenerbahce missed out on a number of excellent opportunities, especially Dani Guiza, who saw a couple chances pass him by, including a goal that was (rightly) disallowed because he was offside. They did get one score before halftime off a deflection by Silvestre awarded them an own goal. Diaby got in one more for Arsenal before the half, off another long ball, by scooting his way past a few defenders. In the 49th minute, Arsenal restored their 3-goal lead off a Fabregas free kick which was handled poorly, allowing Song to fire home a volley for 1-4. Guiza finally got his goal in the 77th minute, but Arsenal sub Aaron Ramsey got the final word, scoring in the 90th minute after replacing Diaby. Great win for Arsenal, despite some lax defending.

FC Porto 0-1 Dynamo Kiev

Group H

Zenit St. Petersburg 1-1 BATE Borisov

Juventus 2-1 Real Madrid

  • This one is painful and I don’t really want to talk about it. Del Piero opened up the scoring in the 5th minute – the friggin’ 5th minute! – after a nice give-and-go with Amauri in midfield gave him enough space to get off a shot well outside the 18-yard box that took Casillas by surprise. It was a great strike and the lead-up to it was nice as well. The rest of the first half was painful for Madrid as well, and Amauri rubbed salt in the wound when he kicked off the second half with a 49th minute goal off Nedved’s cross, which went in off a deflection by Heinze. Madrid worked valiantly to try to get back into it, and Van Nistelrooy got one back in the 66th minute with a header off a cross by Heinze. How Ruud got that open I have no idea, but it did little to assuage the disgust at this loss. This one hurt so much because of the expectations coming in. Madrid had been playing well, bringing players slowly back from injury, and Juve had looked bad, to say the least, coming off a 2-1 loss to Napoli in Serie and suffering through a pretty serious injury crisis of their own. The win puts Juve at the top of Group H, one point ahead of Real Madrid.

Tomorrow’s Action:

Group A

Bordeaux – CFR Cluj-Napoca

Chelsea – Roma


  • If recent form is any indication – which it often isn’t; see Juve-Real Madrid above – this should be a cakewalk for Chelsea. At home, after some great wins in the Prem, against a Roma side that can’t pull off a win to save their lives lately. Still, things rarely proceed that simply, so hopefully we’ll at least be treated to an entertaining match.


Group B

Inter Milan – Anorthosis Famagusta


  • Let me guess: Mourinho’s wonder boys will win another one. Big whoop.


Panathinaikos – Werder Bremen

Group C

Shakhtar Donetsk – Sporting Lisbon

FC Basel – Barcelona


  • I feel like I should have something to say about this match…but I don’t. Barca have been fun to watch this year. No reason this one should be any different.


Group D

Atletico Madrid – Liverpool


  • Finally, the much-hyped homecoming for Fernando Torres, who ironically won’t even play due to injury. UEFA wussied out and let the match be played at Vicente Calderon after all, despite all that “zero tolerance” nonsense. The key question for me: how do I simultaneously root against Liverpool AND the bitch-ass Atletico fans??

PSV Eindhoven – Marseille



    One Response to “Tuesday Champions League Results”

    1. john said

      What a match it is going to be between Atletico and Liverpool. Surely everyone in the field will plenty of company within each other.

      Luis Garcia and Sinamme Pongolle being former Reds. The Anfield will have plenty of Spanish armada (Alonso, Arbeloa, Riera, Reina, Torress).

      Not to mentioned, Javier Mascherano will also plenty of friends (Kun, Maxi, Franco, Banega) welcoming him to the Vicente Calderon.

      By the way, please welcome to my blog and share us your thought on this round of Champions League matches. Truly appreciate your views.

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