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Real Finished With Ronaldo?

Posted by hiphopmama on October 24, 2008

Real Madrid’s all-over-the-place president, Ramon Calderon, is now claiming that Real is finished pursuing Cristiano Ronaldo: “It is forgotten, not only for January but forever.” Apparently he is finally trying to save face after his team’s aggressive maneuvers to get the Portuguese player prompted negative responses from Man Utd coach Sir Alex Ferguson, along with plenty of others. In the article over at ESPNsoccernet, he is quoted as somewhat penitently stating, “Madrid is not doing anything to disturb a ‘friend club’ like Manchester. We are two very big clubs. We want to be good friends forever. We are in the same market. I have a lot of respect for Manchester. I have a good relationship with David Gill and I want it to be like that for a long time.”

Bravo, Senor Calderon. You’re in the early stages of learning common courtesy. Although I (completely incredulously) like your team – and manifestly dislike ManYoo – it’s clear you need to cut some of the strong-arm tactics. You really don’t need them to get good players. The Real Madrid name is more than enough. And if it isn’t, then you’re not doing your job right.


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