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Tottenham?? Are You F*cking Serious?

Posted by hiphopmama on November 2, 2008

Tottenham Hotspur secured points in their third consecutive game with Harry Redknapp at the helm today, and against formerly unbeaten Liverpool, no less. After beating Bolton in Redknapp’s first managerial appearance and coming from behind incredibly against Arsenal (down two goals with four minutes to play), Spurs scored another late goal against Liverpool to hand the team its first defeat of the season and help Chelsea leapfrog them on goal differential. Roman Pavlyuchenko’s late goal got Tottenham out of last place and up to illustrious 18th position in the table, still tied for second worst point total with Newcastle (9) and only one ahead of Bolton. 

I guess all they really needed was a shake-up in their mental approach to the game, because I highly doubt Redknapp has made any significant strategical moves so quickly. The Juande Ramos experiment failed miserably, so anything would’ve been a step up. This – however meager – is a “one small step for man” moment for the team. Maybe they can avoid relegation yet.


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