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Lakers Best Clippers, Go To 4-0

Posted by hiphopmama on November 5, 2008

Clippers Lakers Basketball

LA Clippers 88, LA Lakers 106


After a few days off, the Lakers got back down to business on Wednesday, starting slowly but steadily and using a late push to secure their second win of the season against the Clippers, who fell to 0-5 on the year. 

The Lakers trailed 51-47 at the half, and spent the third quarter trading the lead with the Clips, going into the fourth with a four point lead, 72-68. They fell behind by two at the 8-minute mark, and then it was over. They went on a 22-0 run, sparked by Kobe, Odom, and Farmar, and never looked back, eventually winning by 18 points. 

Next up are the Rockets on Sunday at Staples, so plenty of time between games again. This will have to catch up with us eventually… 

Some game stats:

  • The Lakers had five players in double figures: Kobe (27, 8/21); Odom (15, 4/8); Fisher (13, 4/12); Radmanovic (11, 4/9); Ariza (10, 4/8). Three other players – Gasol, Bynum, and Farmar – had 9 points.
  • Both teams shot pretty poorly, 38.8% for the Lakers and 38.9% for the Clippers.
  • The Lakers are consistently over 70% from the free throw line on the season. Not a huge stat, I know, but a nice change of pace from the Shaq days.
  • We out-rebounded the Clippers by 10, 54-44.
  • Kobe still only had to play 36 minutes. He’s averaging 33.3 minutes for the season, versus his 36.4 minute career average.
  • Bynum had 17 rebounds and 4 blocks. ‘Nuff said.

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