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Lakers Keep Rolling

Posted by hiphopmama on November 10, 2008

Houston 82, LA Lakers 111


They started slow, but in the end the Lakers made easy work of the Houston Rockets in their toughest test of the young season. They were outscored by 12 in a sluggish first quarter, but they pounded the Rockets the rest of the way, winning the second quarter by 14, the third by 5, and the fourth by a whopping 22 points to push their record to 5-0. 

The Lakers shot better than they have so far this year, going 42/79 for 53.2% while holding the Rockets to 37.8% shooting (31/82). They out-rebounded Houston by 14 as well, and once again they got solid contributions from the whole line-up. All 12 guys played and all but Luke Walton scored. Kobe unsurprisingly led the way in terms of scoring, but the points were well distributed as well, with four players in double figures (Kobe 23; Gasol 20; Farmar 16; Bynum 13) and great all-around games by many others, including Trevor Ariza, who has continued to prove himself to me and plenty of others (see J.A. Adande’s article on his plus/minus for the Lakers). Gasol had the most impressive game by far, securing 15 rebounds, 3 assists, and 3 blocks. Bynum came through as well with 7 rebounds, 2 assists, 2 steals, and 3 blocks in a good defensive effort. D-Fish started, but Farmar played more minutes and racked up a bigger statline, with 6 assists to go with his 16 points.

Artest and McGrady both had off nights, although Aaron Brooks had a good outing off the bench with 20 points and Yao chipped in 12 as well. The real Yao story of the night, though, was Kobe’s block of the 7 1/2-footer. It’s included in the highlights below.


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