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Van Nistelrooy Done For the Year

Posted by hiphopmama on November 14, 2008

Ruud underwent surgery Wednesday to repair a knee injury he picked up in Real Madrid’s 2-0 loss to Juventus in Champions League play last week. The injury was to the same knee he had surgically repaired in 2000 during his stay at PSV Eindhoven. He will reportedly be out for 8-9 months, meaning that he won’t play again until next season.

This news leaves Madrid in a bit of a bind – as much as that is possible in a team littered with talent – with only Saviola sitting on the bench to pick up the slack. Higuain has been playing exceptionally well, which will help them make it to the winter transfer window, but January can’t come fast enough for Los Blancos. Reports are already surfacing about Real’s interest in signing Manchester United forward Carlos Tevez, who has been languishing on the bench in favor of Wayne Rooney and Dimitar Berbatov. Tevez still appears to want to stay in England, but Man Utd may live to regret not having secured him with a permanent deal sooner, especially with all the competition for the striker position on the squad. 

And now, just for kicks, here is a lovely image of Carlos Tevez as a lion. I get the context and all, but I still have to ask: why?



2 Responses to “Van Nistelrooy Done For the Year”

  1. Danielle said


  2. hiphopmama said

    I know, what a hottie. I think the razor bumps really add to the lion comparison too. Rawr.

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