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Payback Win For Lakers Over Kings

Posted by hiphopmama on December 12, 2008

Kings Lakers

Sacramento 103, LA Lakers 112


I had to go help my sister with a flat tire, so I don’t have time for a full write-up tonight. All I’ll say is that we at least played with some effort tonight. The defense still isn’t clicking, but I could see the attempts at improvement and the intent was there. They will need a while to get the hang of all the rotations, but I think we may be moving in the right direction. Kobe got over 30 for I believe the fourth time this year while Bynum had a poor game and Pau was less than his usual flawless self. We’ve somehow managed to take two out of three from the Kings in three tough games, and we don’t have to play them again until the very end of the season. Thank god.


One Response to “Payback Win For Lakers Over Kings”

  1. Diana said

    When are you going to blog about the Timberwolves game? I trust your commentary about the Lakers defense more than ESPN. 😉

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