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Glad To Hear It

Posted by hiphopmama on December 15, 2008

A couple stories today about the Lakers trying to get a hold of their season made me smile. The first, by Broderick Turner at the LA Times, detailed how Phil made the team run their asses off for failing to make 75% of their free throws, which is about their season average. They couldn’t do it – twice – so off they went with Jordan Farmar reportedly huffing it and cutting a couple corners. Poor babies. While I don’t think free throw shooting has been their biggest problem this season, it’s nice to hear that they’re being whipped into shape over SOMETHING. Now what I’d really like to see is the whole team running lines when they miss a rotation or fail to box out on a rebound. Maybe that would get them moving out there.

The second, probably more consequential article was by one of my faves, Kevin Ding at the OC Register, who reported about the “secret” players-only meeting called by Derek Fisher on Friday. Apparently D-Fish was (rightly) worried about the team’s mentality and ability to knuckle down and play like a team. It was refreshing to hear him say some pretty obvious things:

“It’s difficult to hold it at such a high level every night, all season long. But there are some things that you can hold there every night – and that’s just the right mentality, the right attitude toward playing as a team. So those are kind of basic things we don’t want to let slide – regardless of the X’s and O’s or how many points a team is scoring or whatever.”

That’s the spirit. You won’t always be hitting your shot in rhythm or pushing the ball on the break, so you need to be prepared to give that extra umph that other teams can’t or won’t. So far we’ve seen very little of it, so hopefully little reminders like this can help the team refocus. It’s disappointing that they need to hear it so early in the season after being supposedly chastened by the Celtics, but I don’t care how long it takes or how ugly it gets, as long as we get the job done.


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