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Lakers Trounce Warriors

Posted by hiphopmama on December 29, 2008

Warriors Lakers

Golden State 113, LA Lakers 130


It wasn’t the no-nonsense game you might have hoped for after finally finding their vaunted defense, but it was a win, and a good one at that. Compared with the goose-egg the Celtics put up against the Warriors after our big match-up, this one was downright impressive. But most importantly, the Lakers got a solid victory over a vastly inferior team, and they didn’t even need late game heroics to get it done. How’s that for a change of pace?

I’ll admit I was floored by our performance against the Celtics, and the optimist in me wanted to believe we could maintain something close to that level of intensity for the rest of the year. That was obviously short-sighted and naive, since it’s a long season and let-downs are bound to happen, but at least this time we still pulled off a comfortable victory despite some marginal defending. Yeah, we let them shoot almost 50% and turned the ball over a few too many times, but we also held Stephen Jackson to 9 points in limited minutes and vastly outplayed them in other areas, winning the rebounding battle 47-33 and assisting on 33 of our 47 buckets. It’s not earth shattering, but it’s more than acceptable, especially compared with the nail-biters we created by allowing teams like the Wizards to play us to the wire. 

There’s not much to report on this game, as it we had it in cruise control virtually the whole way. The margin of victory meant that our starters got some much needed rest and the whole bench – Mihm excepted – got in the game and scored some points. Aside from Luke Walton with 9, all the starters got to double figures (Kobe 31; Fisher 19; Gasol 13; Bynum 13), and no one played more than Kobe’s 32 minutes. Even more encouraging is the fact that Sasha looked promising in his cameo as back-up point guard. He had a great shooting night – 6-of-10 for 17 points – and only turned the ball over twice compared with 6 assists. Ariza’s 11 points rounded out our five players in double figures for a stat line that reads very similarly to those of the season’s early games, when we were winning easily and spreading the love.

It’s nothing to get too excited about, though, as this is a team we should have had no problems with. Still, the fact that we actually lived up to our billing is good news in itself, and if we can do more of that in the new year we should be okay. 



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