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What More Do Philly Fans Want?

Posted by hiphopmama on January 4, 2009

Eagles Vikings

The Eagles pulled off a good win against the Vikings in their Wild Card match-up. It wasn’t a stunning performance by any stretch, but they got the job done and in the end it wasn’t close. Adrian Peterson broke a 40-yarder for the first touchdown, and the Eagles responded with another Akers field goal and an Asante Samuel interception returned for a touchdown. A McNabb interception set the Vikings up for another Peterson touchdown to keep it close going into the half. It was pretty mundane stuff from both teams in the second half until Brian Westbrook took a screen pass 71 yards to pay dirt and broke the game open. After that, it was all but over. The Vikings never showed enough of a spark to put together a bunch of points, and with the Eagles able to hunker down defensively, the screws were tightened, leading to a fumble which sealed the deal. 

McNabb had another effective game, throwing for 300 yards, 1 TD, and 1 INT, plus a lost fumble. Stellar? No, but more than enough to get the job done today, which has been the story of his season. He has received endless complaints from the fans, but he still put together a good year that ended with him surpassing his career passing yards record with 3916 and with the Eagles securing a playoff spot after a hardscrabble effort in football’s toughest division. He has consistently performed for the team when healthy, but how much can they really expect from him when they don’t give him anyone to throw to? The only year he had a serious threat at wide-out was when they brought in TO, and they made it to the Super Bowl. They lost, because the Patriots are all but unstoppable in the postseason, but McNabb got them there without TO’s help for the end of the season and most of the playoffs. The TO experiment was obviously a bust, but it proved what McNabb could do when given a talented supporting cast. I understand to an extent the consternation over him not knowing the rule about ties in the regular season – hell, even I knew that one, and I could tell you the last time it happened – but I highly doubt he was the only player unaware of that rule and besides, it didn’t affect the outcome of the game in any way. If it had, that would have been the fault of the coaching staff rather than the player. 

As an Angeleno, I don’t have a home team to root for in the NFL, and my affinity for McNabb helped me settle on the Eagles as my surrogate team. It’s been an interesting ride since then, but I still back him 100% and would like to see him get some support from both his city and his organization. If Philadelphia decides it’s time to move on, I sincerely hope he gets the chance he deserves at another team. But if they send McNabb packing, they’ll lose me too. Not that they care, but they should, if for no other reason than because I will quit giving them free press time on this blog. Cry me a river, Philly.


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