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Ho Hum

Posted by hiphopmama on January 6, 2009

Hornets Lakers

New Orleans 116, LA Lakers 105


I don’t really feel like blogging this one, and I don’t feel bad about shirking my duties, either. I’m depressed enough as it is; I don’t need the Lakers rubbing salt in my wounds. They could have won this game. It was right there for them. They just went cold at a bad time in the fourth and couldn’t find any defensive answers. In true Shakur fashion, though, I ain’t mad at ’em. They’ve had an impressive run of games that started with the win in New Orleans, and they have been ascendant while the other big teams have fallen off. An overtime loss to Charlotte for Boston means that we don’t lose anything in that particular race, although the Magic did win in a riveting affair against the Wizards (sarcasm, anyone?). Here’s all the analysis I’ve got:

Wanna know the difference tonight, compared to the two wins we got in New Orleans? Two words: David West. Chris Paul was out of his mind for much of the game, particularly the first half, but West’s face-up game from the wing simply killed us. It was another example of how effective a perimeter-shooting big man can be against us. Our only other home loss of the year came at the hands of the Pistons, who employed the same tactic mercilessly, with Rasheed inflicting the damage and Iverson playing Paul’s role. Look for that theme to recur. 

One other note: we lost Odom to a scary-looking knee injury in the first half. We’re already missing Luke for a couple weeks, and I haven’t heard the final word on Lamar’s injury, so our once bountiful bench took another knock. The three/four spot used to be our deepest, but it has been depleted to the point that we just have Vlad Rad and Ariza, with Sasha our only backcourt option off the pine. No panicking – we have the depth to roll with it, for sure – but I’ll feel much better if LO gets back in the lineup quickly.

No highlights available yet, which is probably for the best. Instead, just to show that there’s no hard feelings, you get Tupac’s “To Live And Die In L.A.” This man is still the most consistent player Los Angeles ever had, and you can take that however you want.


3 Responses to “Ho Hum”

  1. Josh said

    I thought we had this one. Kobe went off … but no one else could buy a bucket in the fourth. Sucks. I’m not trippin tho … we’re playing better and, let’s be real …. we’re not going to win them ALL (:

    My only gripe. I was jumping up and down livid in the second half. The refs suddenly decided to increase the foul calls for the Hornets and just stopped calling fouls altogether for the Lakers.
    KOBE GOT FOULED ON EVERY SINGLE EFFING 3 THAT HE SUNK IN A ROW. EVERY ONE!!! Are you kidding me refs? no call? 5 times in a row???? Give me a break … made me sick. Meanwhile FIsher got reamed all night and finally blew up at the end of the game when he couldn’t get a call if he paid for it. I donno. I’m not saying we should have won because of that … Im just saying … WTF?

    • hiphopmama said

      I agree that we got shafted a little bit by the refs. I thought Kobe got hit on at least three of those 3-pointers, and both Fish and Sasha had legitimate gripes. That wasn’t what cost us the game, though. I always say that if the refs changed the outcome, then you didn’t do your own job properly to close it out. We could’ve/would’ve/should’ve won, but we came up short. Oh well. It wasn’t as bad as the Celtics losing to the Bobcats, which was fun to watch. It’s nice to know other teams have poor streaks too.

  2. Diana said

    Now that I’m back in SF I haven’t been able to watch the games, sadly. But it sucks that we’re missing three key players, so I hope Luke comes back as scheduled and that Lamar isn’t hurt too bad! Also, I love seeing the “Lost 2” in the streaks section of the standings next to the Celtics. HA!

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