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Dereliction of Duty

Posted by hiphopmama on January 22, 2009


I know I promised to be fully back on the bandwagon and have my regular postgame update this evening, but the call of Throwback Thursday at the local theater was too strong and Jurassic Park won out. It may be just your average nostalgic picture for the rest of you, but this movie meant a lot more to me and my brother and sister. When we left LA for the hinterlands of Fresno in September of 1994, we felt like we had been given a death sentence, banished to the furthest reaches of civilization (within California, that is, which is as far as civilization extended in my mind). We had no friends, family, or even acquaintances within a couple hundred miles, and I in particular was homesick as all hell. One of our first excursions around the neighborhood led us to McDonald’s and then to the nearby video rental place (Valley Video – *tear*), where my normally tightwad dad was kind enough to buy, for $19.99, the JP video for us. We took our cardboard burgers home, and I can still remember excitedly setting up shop in front of the newly installed TV to load up the treasure.

And everything just took off from there. I was eleven, my sister was six, and my brother was two, and we all fell in love with that movie. I had already seen it on the big screen, but it became a collective experience for us as we waited for dark, stormy evenings to watch it and try to spook ourselves; counted how many times Hammond said “spared no expense” or Mr. Snakes On A Plane muttered “hold onto your butts”; and acted out various scenes together, specifically the one where the well muscled raptor guy gets eaten by his favorite beast. Between the three of us, we could probably quote the whole movie – no joke – with sound effects thrown in too. Ridiculous, you say? Indicative of a painful lack of social life? Definitely, but we loved it all the same and watched it upwards of 50 times that year, especially my brother, who became obsessed with dinosaurs and developed his own version of the T-rex walk. 

So that, my friends, is my long-winded explanation for my failure to blog it out tonight. I see that we won, as well we should have, and by 20 points no less. I will watch the game tomorrow and have my thoughts and astute analysis available for you soon thereafter. In the meantime, I’m off to dream of dinos and simpler times in the Central Valley. Maybe I’ll change my blogger name to Clever Girl…

And, for sheer nerdiness sake, I present the following. It would be sad if it didn’t hit so close to home. Or maybe it’s sad because it does…

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