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Wizzed In My Pants

Posted by hiphopmama on January 23, 2009

Tell me McGee's profile doesn't look like our 44th president!

Look at McGee in this picture. Tell me he doesn't make you wanna say, "Yes we can!" (Just look at that profile!)


Washington 97, LA Lakers 117

(34-8 )

Please forgive the title. I know, it’s ridiculous and lame, but I’ve had that stupid SNL song stuck in my head for weeks now and I have yet to find a situation to which I can’t somehow apply it. With the stinking wad of…garbage that Washington threw out in this game, I thought it was particularly apt, although I was too lazy to come up with a more clever way to use it. 

To be honest, I didn’t pay much attention to the second half, having seen the first and knowing how it was going to turn out (ah, the benefits of Tivo). It was refreshing to see us play at a high level the whole way through even against a poor side, and it was even more exciting that we were able to maintain a large margin with the second and third unit in the game. I rarely praise a commentator, but Fratello was right – those were important minutes “in the bank” for Kobe, Pau, and Fish especially. Hopefully we can have a few more games like this to get those guys some much needed rest in preparation for the long trek to the ultimate goal. 

What is there really to say about this one? Kobe orchestrated well, although it was clear his finger was still bothering him. Pau was solid as well. And Bynum led the team in scoring for the second consecutive game. I can’t imagine that’s happened in a long while, meaning that someone other than Kobe has led us twice in a row. I guess Pau might have done it, but that’s not usually his MO out there. It was nice to see Andrew put together another good performance. It was just against Blatche, but every good outing is noteworthy at this point. He just looks so much more active in the games lately, not so sluggish or sarcastic in his response to the run of play. The better half of the bench played its typical sterling ball. Odom lined up his second strong game in a row going 7-of-9 for 16, and Sasha and Vlad Rad both hit some big threes. All in all, it was a fabulous team performance, as we finally played up to expectations against a, let’s be honest, horrible team and got to rest our big guns. It’s no knock on Washington; they were without Arenas, Haywood, and Stevenson, three sure-fire starters worth plenty of contributions when they’re healthy. Without them, it was no contest really, and I’m glad it turned out that way.

Two whole days off now before the big rematch with San Antonio at home on Sunday. If it’s anything like our last game against them, hold onto your butts because it will be a fun one. I would expect that home court and a vindictive impulse would help us to a better outcome than last time, when we lost on a couple of fluke brain fart plays, so that we can keep ourselves at or near the top of the NBA before going into that grueling stretch of road games we have coming up. 

Game recap and highlights:


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