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Deep and Wide

Posted by hiphopmama on February 18, 2009


Threeeeee! He's dedicating it to you, Diana.

LA Lakers 129, Golden State 121


This post is brought to you by Nyquil. Normally on Wednesdays I watch Lost with my sister and spend the rest of the night baffling over the new episode’s revelations and mysteries. Tonight, little sis downed some Nyquil halfway through the show and was ready to pass out by 10:00, so I took my leave and came back to watch the recording of this game instead. I suppose there’s always time to peruse Lost theories in my spare time, but the Lakers can’t wait. 

I guess you can say this was an entertaining game, and at least it had a positive outcome, but we sure didn’t bring our A game for this one. Or rather, we were content to play our B-minus game until it mattered, and one quarter or so of our B-plus game was enough to get the win. 

We played most of the game from about 6 points behind, occasionally making a run to tie it or cut it to 2. The Warriors came out on some kind of adrenaline high and blazed it up from the field, making damn near everything they threw up there. Literally, as when Stephen Jackson tossed up a lob for Monta Ellis only to see it drop through the net. And for three, no less. They finished the game shooting over 50%, but it would have been much worse had they kept up their first half pace. 

In the meantime, we just kind of hung around and waited for them to come down from that initial high, which they inevitably did. The first eight or so minutes of the third quarter looked pretty dismal as the Warriors ran the lead up to 12 and parried every one of our attempts to get back in it. Then our big men went to work. Odom atoned for an iffy first half by getting to the rim repeatedly and even knocking down an outside shot, and Gasol muscled his way to a couple easy buckets. Kobe threw in a long three and a couple free throws, and before you knew it we were down just 2 heading into the fourth. 

We still played from behind for most of the fourth quarter, but you sensed we were about to take the game by the throat at any minute. The big moment finally came at the 4:18 mark when Ariza made the first of two consecutive three-pointers to take the lead. From there, we never looked back, and it was mostly a free throw battle the rest of the way. Composure down the stretch sealed the deal, and the game seemed over long before it was a statistical certainty.

I think tonight’s performance comes down to a few things. One, it was a road game. Any time a team, especially a lesser team, hosts the Lakers, you know it’s going to be a sell-out and a highly charged atmosphere. It was both of those and more tonight, as the Warriors were riding a three game win streak and feeling pretty good about themselves. That alone was enough to give them the extra wind at their backs that kept them going. Consequently, when we came out of the gate slowly, it sparked their confidence and they managed to keep the hot shooting going for a long time. When Rony Turiaf is 5-of-5 in the third quarter on a variety of mid-range jumpers and put-backs, you know the team has it working. But that kind of rhythm can’t last, and it didn’t tonight. I must say, we looked a little mentally fatigued out there in this one, which was why we really needed the bench to step up. Farmar gave us a nice boost again, and Ariza was the game-changer with his defense and shot making. Kobe somehow got to 30 points, but his role was that of a decoy for much of the game. He was the one who set up Ariza for both of those big threes. The defense wasn’t too good tonight, either. It wasn’t quite the revolving door defense we saw so much of a couple months ago, because the Warriors were making perimeter jumpers rather than lay-ups, but it was loose nonetheless. When we finally started crowding the lane late in the third quarter, we got immediate results, which makes sense given the youth an inexperience of this Warriors team. 

Whatever, a win is a win, and we just racked up another one. Next up we have our final game against New Orleans at Staples, as we look to take the season series against them at 3-1. We beat them twice on their home floor, but they countered with a win in our building, so this should be another good match-up. Let’s just hope they have recovered their psychological edge by Friday evening, because they didn’t seem to have it tonight. Until it really mattered, that is.

Game recap:

Oh, and the title of this post is in reference to the fact that our depth saved us yet again. It is also, however, another reference to Aceyalone and his song of the same name off his debut album titled, coincidentally enough, All Balls Don’t Bounce. And if ya don’t know, now ya know.


7 Responses to “Deep and Wide”

  1. Diana said

    This was definitely an entertaining game, even from Section 228, Row 9. Especially 1) Kobe’s 360 dunk, 2) Jackson’s accidental three, and 3) Ariza’s back to back threes shutting up Oracle Arena. And Turiaf really turned it up a notch…it was fun to see him joking around with the Lakers before the game. And to top it all off I got a free Monta Ellis bobblehead! A good night, all in all.

  2. josh said

    Yup. Yup. Definitely a Lakers game (: Playing just good enough to win, but not working too hard.
    This game didn’t surprise me at all, similar to what you were saying. A Lack-luster 3rd quarter almost cost us the game, but like always, we finished it up with a few nice plays to seal the deal. We gotta play better on Friday .. looks like CP3 is on a mission (:

    To comment on Diana’s bit:
    1) Totally sick. We’ve all seen Kobe do the 360 before and so it’s not THAT big of a deal. But seriously folks, do you know how hard that is to actually execute? To prove that point, just look around the league … how often do you see players attempting that in a game??? Anyone??
    2) WTF? haha. That’s all I really can say about that.
    3) Hell yeah. Ariza’s 2 tres off both Kobe’s feeds were dope. I love to see that guy succeed. He’s such a hard worker. Plus this brought us back into full swing and gave us the boost we needed to just leave the Warriors in the dust.

    and lastly … gotta just say that I liked what Kobe did in the second half on the ‘non-ball’ end of the court. He basically turned into a Defensive Ninja and got crazy with it … I love it when he gives as much on D as he does on O (:


  3. josh said

    Oh yeah. Thanks for adding me to your Blogroll. Appreciate the love


  4. Danielle said

    there’s a fountain flowing deep and wiiiiiide

  5. Danielle said


    • hiphopmama said

      You got it right. You were just referring to the OG version, the hymn. I happen to prefer Acey’s, but you still nailed it. =)

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