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So Long, Chris

Posted by hiphopmama on February 18, 2009


The Lakers traded Chris Mihm to the Grizzlies today for a conditional second round pick in 2013 (how many qualifiers can you fit in there?) and “cash considerations.” The move will save the team somewhere in the neighborhood of $2 million in salary and luxury tax expenses. Just a money move, I’m sure, since his role this year has been limited to say the least. He has been getting a bit more PT since Bynum went out, but last night’s 2-for-10 shooting performance was pretty indicative of the direction he was headed with the team. It was nice to have another seven-footer on the bench, but even nicer will be having some money to work with when trying to re-sign the likes of Lamar Odom and Trevor Ariza. I have to say, I liked the guy and I wish him the best. I seemed nice enough, and he looks like Jack from Lost, which would weigh heavily in anyone’s favor. Good luck, Chris. Maybe you’ll be a better fit in Memphis.


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