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Laker Love

Posted by hiphopmama on March 14, 2009

Since there’s no game till tomorrow, I thought I’d post a few of the (many) articles about the Lakers currently making the rounds. Read, and be informed.

  • Popovich spoke almost reverentially of Kobe’s late-game heroics and his ability to feel the flow of every game, drawing a comparison with Michael Jordan. Nothing we didn’t already know, but it’s always nice to hear it from an opponent. 
  • Another good one from Kevin Ding in the OC Register, discussing Trevor Ariza’s new position as a starter and the low-key competitiveness which he channels in the direction the team needs from him. Between him and Luke Walton – who reportedly suggested that he try coming off the bench to Phil – we must have two of the most unselfish role players in the league.
  • The Lakers officially clinched the Pacific Division and a guaranteed playoff spot with their win over the Spurs on Thursday. Not that they particularly cared, seeing as how we’re all focusing on a much bigger prize, but good to know.
  • And in the best news of all, Andrew Bynum has started running on a treadmill in addition to the stationary bike work he has been doing. Praise be unto thee, oh lord. Now just let him come back in time for the playoffs…

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