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A Fitting Ending, And Beginning

Posted by hiphopmama on April 14, 2009

Jazz Lakers

Utah 112, LA Lakers 125


And now the fun begins. It was a very good season – an exceptional one, had LeBron and the Cavs not spoiled the party – but you can put it all in the rearview at this point. The real season starts Sunday, same Bat Time, same Bat Channel – at Staples against this eight-seed Jazz team.

Aside from a good opening quarter from Utah, this one went pretty much according to plan. We worked our numerous advantages to progressively grind down the Jazz, who eventually called it a night and sat their big guns midway through the fourth quarter. Deron Williams was explosive as always, but the rest of the team looked out of their league against our guys. It was the perfect way to finish the season: playing our prospective first-round opponents, whipping them by double-digits, getting some good minutes from the subs, and resting our starters. 

I gotta admit, I feel how I imagine the players must feel – done with this regular season business and itching to get the real season started. I don’t really have it in me to go in-depth on this game that doesn’t mean much, aside from its psychological value in putting the Jazz in their place. I mean, kudos to them for making the playoffs in a tough Western Conference, but when you go 33-8 at home and 15-26 on the road you’re gonna put yourself in a tough position come playoff time. That feat has earned them the honor of facing us in the first round, and if tonight is any indication, I don’t foresee too many bumps in the road for us. It will be a challenge, to be sure, as postseason match-ups always are, but Utah doesn’t present any real personnel problems, aside from the obvious D-Will issue. Aside from him, they just don’t have much to trouble us. They certainly don’t have the size to match up with our front line, especially now that Bynum is back, and no one on their team is equipped to handle the versatility of Odom or poise of Kobe. This one should be done in five.

And now, because it has gotten late early on me, I’m going to call it a night and get some much-needed sleep. If my daughter lets me, of course. I need my beauty rest so I can be prepared for the big playoff push and there with our boys every step of the way. The last two years of the three-peat were nice, but this season has just about matched them for sheer entertainment value, and this blog has been a big part of that. I’ve never gone as in-depth in my viewership or analysis of the team, and it has made it that much more fun. I will never again be able to live without the NBA League Pass. Thanks again, Mom, for the perfect Christmas present.



2 Responses to “A Fitting Ending, And Beginning”

  1. Diana said


    I haven’t been able to follow the Lakers regular season this closely since before college, and it’s been a great year. Of course I owe most of it to you for filling me in on all the games that weren’t on national TV or played against the Warriors!

    So, I know this is usually a Lakers blog and all, but I just wanted to say that if the Warriors get everyone back healthy next year (Monta Ellis & Stephen Jackson mostly), get a new coach (Don Nelson clearly just doesn’t really care about anything besides getting his name in the all-time career wins book), and get some decent draft picks, and get tougher on the road, I think they could at least be the #8 seed next season. Then, I could finally go to a play-off game, and they’d probably be playing the Lakers. That’s a lot of “ifs” but I’m keeping my hopes up.

    Onto the play-offs! And studying for finals. 😦

  2. […] Jazz in the first round and, let’s be honest … they really don’t stand a chance. As we clearly saw in last nights’ end of the season finale. Not to say that they couldn’t steal a game (maybe 2 if they’re extremely lucky) to make […]

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