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Luke To Play In Game 2

Posted by hiphopmama on May 6, 2009

Yay! Like, seriously, though, not sarcastically. I know, he’s not exactly the center of our offense or a defensive lynchpin, but he helps anchor our rotation nonetheless. I can’t help but think we would have seen less of the Shannon-Sasha-Kobe combo if Walton had been healthy, and I wouldn’t mind watching that partnership get phased out. It works at times, but Sasha is best used sparingly, like salt. Plus Kobe’s natural spot is at the two, especially so he doesn’t have to match up with that rock known as Ron Artest. That guy is a beast – hopefully we can do something to slow him down in this game. Luckily for us, he’s usually pretty up and down. Unluckily for us, he doesn’t look anything like the Artest of old, so all that may be out the window. We shall see….


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