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Direct Disappointment

Posted by hiphopmama on September 6, 2008

Even Federer’s win can’t dull this one for me. The DirecTV guy already came and went, and they couldn’t install our satellite because we have rain gutters around our entire house and they didn’t have anywhere to put the dish. They need to order some expensive part to install it, which we won’t have to pay for, luckily, but we’ll have to wait till around Wednesday because it’s so rarely needed that they don’t keep it in stock. 

Sour grapes time. Who cares about the first week anyway? Teams are just warming up. Line-ups aren’t set. No one’s in full stride yet. Ah, what am I saying – this sucks! They better not charge us until we get the damn thing installed.

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Catch Me, I’m Ballin’

Posted by hiphopmama on September 2, 2008

Here’s the deal. I have just three main pursuits in life: family, music, sports. Well, four, if you count writing about those three. I just learned that I’ll be the proud parent of a bundle of pigskin joy this fall since my husband signed us up for the NFL Sunday Ticket racket through DirecTV, so I’m psyched to write up my journey for allayall. Being from Los Angeles, I am a football orphan, with no real team to call my own, so I intend to use this season to find a new franchise upon which to bestow my misplaced loyalty and affection. Don’t get me wrong – I’ve rooted for certain teams over the years. I keep coming back to the Eagles, because for some odd reason I root for lots of Philly teams and I can’t help but like the sputtering McNabb; the Colts are also a perennial favorite since I was always pulling for Peyton Manning to get rid of that damn monkey on his back and they are one of the few teams you can legitimately expect anything from against the godforsaken Patriots; and who didn’t get caught up in the New Orleans hype following the Bush administration’s giant Hurricane Katrina fumble in 2005? But when all is said and done, I’m still a floater, looking for a home for my football allegiance. I intend to chronicle this and other journeys with this here blog. 

That said, I watch and cover my own big three: basketball, American football, and futbol, mainly the professional varieties, unless UCLA is involved. The biggest recent headlines for me have been the Lakers’ ugly loss to dreaded Boston, the whole Favre debacle, and Ronaldinho’s move to AC Milan. Heck, throw in there Cristiano Ronaldo’s staying put with Man U for kicks too, because I was pulling hard for him to end up in Madrid. I’m prepped and ready for both football seasons to start and I’m frothing at the mouth to test out my (nearly) limitless coverage with DirecTV (insert endorsement fee HERE), so consider this my official Fuck You to Major League Baseball’s stranglehold on summer viewing. (Thank God for the US Open right now, and vamos Rafa!) 

That just about covers my sports blog recipe. Sprinkle in some random political commentary and add hip hop editorializing to taste, and you have the All Balls Don’t Bounce mission statement. Let’s play ball, bitches.

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