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What More Do Philly Fans Want?

Posted by hiphopmama on January 4, 2009

Eagles Vikings

The Eagles pulled off a good win against the Vikings in their Wild Card match-up. It wasn’t a stunning performance by any stretch, but they got the job done and in the end it wasn’t close. Adrian Peterson broke a 40-yarder for the first touchdown, and the Eagles responded with another Akers field goal and an Asante Samuel interception returned for a touchdown. A McNabb interception set the Vikings up for another Peterson touchdown to keep it close going into the half. It was pretty mundane stuff from both teams in the second half until Brian Westbrook took a screen pass 71 yards to pay dirt and broke the game open. After that, it was all but over. The Vikings never showed enough of a spark to put together a bunch of points, and with the Eagles able to hunker down defensively, the screws were tightened, leading to a fumble which sealed the deal. 

McNabb had another effective game, throwing for 300 yards, 1 TD, and 1 INT, plus a lost fumble. Stellar? No, but more than enough to get the job done today, which has been the story of his season. He has received endless complaints from the fans, but he still put together a good year that ended with him surpassing his career passing yards record with 3916 and with the Eagles securing a playoff spot after a hardscrabble effort in football’s toughest division. He has consistently performed for the team when healthy, but how much can they really expect from him when they don’t give him anyone to throw to? The only year he had a serious threat at wide-out was when they brought in TO, and they made it to the Super Bowl. They lost, because the Patriots are all but unstoppable in the postseason, but McNabb got them there without TO’s help for the end of the season and most of the playoffs. The TO experiment was obviously a bust, but it proved what McNabb could do when given a talented supporting cast. I understand to an extent the consternation over him not knowing the rule about ties in the regular season – hell, even I knew that one, and I could tell you the last time it happened – but I highly doubt he was the only player unaware of that rule and besides, it didn’t affect the outcome of the game in any way. If it had, that would have been the fault of the coaching staff rather than the player. 

As an Angeleno, I don’t have a home team to root for in the NFL, and my affinity for McNabb helped me settle on the Eagles as my surrogate team. It’s been an interesting ride since then, but I still back him 100% and would like to see him get some support from both his city and his organization. If Philadelphia decides it’s time to move on, I sincerely hope he gets the chance he deserves at another team. But if they send McNabb packing, they’ll lose me too. Not that they care, but they should, if for no other reason than because I will quit giving them free press time on this blog. Cry me a river, Philly.


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Two Upsets

Posted by hiphopmama on January 3, 2009

Ass Meets Class

Ass Meets Class

I didn’t get to watch much of either game, but somehow both the Chargers and the Cardinals have made it through to the next round of the playoffs. That’s right. The Chargers, who struggled to finish the season at .500, and the Cardinals, who earned their spot by winning the second-weakest division in football. 

It makes sense that a veteran like Kurt Warner would fare better in the playoffs than the rookie Matt Ryan, although the Cardinals’ (undeserved?) home field advantage certainly helped as well. The Colts, though, have no such excuse. Indy was hurt by some poor penalties in key situations to keep the Chargers’ overtime drive alive, as well as by the fact that they only got 64 yards rushing. This compared to San Diego’s 167 rushing yards, despite losing Tomlinson to a groin injury in the first half. Darren Sproles atoned for his early fumble in the end zone by following it up with two touchdowns and over a hundred yards in a surprisingly key performance. The Colts simply weren’t able to close the door on them, and the Chargers took advantage with a late field goal to force overtime and a lucky coin toss to start the extra period. 

It’s disappointing, because I like this new Falcons team (and coach) and I detest Philip Rivers, but I can deal with it since neither the Patriots nor the Cowboys made it to the playoffs at all. (Did I mention? Ha ha to both of those suckers.) If the Eagles can perform the reasonable task of taking out the Vikings tomorrow, the weekend will still be a success, regardless of how the Baltimore-Miami game turns out. Although, for the record, I will say go Pennington. Rub some salt in the wounds of disappointed Jets fans crying in their Wrangler jeans.

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Sports Update

Posted by hiphopmama on December 27, 2008

Number 21 is tackling Jesus!!

Number 21 is tackling Jesus!!

With the NBA season picking up steam, this has essentially become a Lakers blog. Which is cool, but I had initially intended to use it as a forum to talk about all the sports I watched, and I’ve definitely fallen off in that respect. With that in mind, I’d like to recap all the sporting action I’ve been watching, with an eye toward what current results are likely to mean in the near future. Without further ado…

Premier League

Apparently no one wants to win the title this year, because every time one of the top teams slips up and presents an opening, the rest follow suit with disappointing performances to keep pace with the leaders. Arsenal are goners (not Gooners) at this point, but the remaining Big Three seem to win, lose, or draw together, as if they signed a mutual pact before the season stating that no one would run away with the title before the new year. Liverpool and Chelsea, in particular, have had their fates linked, with each team drawing games and losing points at the same time, and then both turning it around for a big win the following week. Friday’s games saw this happen again, as the top two squads gave dominating performances and secured three points apiece to stay logjammed at the top of the table (Liverpool currently sits one point ahead of Chelsea). It’s hard to figure Man Utd out at this point, since they’ve played two fewer games for the moment, but they’re certainly within striking distance, as are Aston Villa, the surprise upstarts of the season. They staged a miraculous comeback on Boxing Day – perhaps not so miraculous considering Arsenal’s form this year – surging from 2-0 down to tie the game with a stoppage time goal from Zat Knight. The draw kept Arsenal out of the top four for another week, three points adrift of Villa for the final Champions League spot. I had expected much more to be decided by the Christmas slate of games, but it appears we’ll be exactly where we started come January. How the teams approach the transfer market will thus likely have a big effect on the ultimate outcome.

La Liga

Pep Guardiola is right to point out that there’s a long way to go, but it’s increasingly looking like a foregone conclusion that Barça will win the title this year. Real Madrid is all but out of the race, currently sitting in fifth place and twelve points adrift of the leaders. No team has been as ravaged by injuries as Los Merengues, so an infusion of new blood will be necessary if they plan to make a late run to defend their title, or even to reclaim a top four spot. They’ve already locked up Klaas Jan Huntelaar and Lassana Diarra, but another defender and someone to play on the right wing would be a big help to Juande Ramos as he tries to extend his stay with the team. Valencia has stayed near the top longer than expected, especially considering the injury to David Silva, and Sevilla are the closest to Barcelona in second place. Mind you, they’re still ten points back of the Blaugrana, but they’re in a better spot than anyone else to overtake them. If they can hang onto their players, that is. 

Serie A

Inter continue their league dominance, entering the new year six points ahead of Juventus, their nearest competitors, with AC Milan nine points off the pace. While it pains me to say so, Jose Mourinho has done well with his boys, not allowing malaise to set in for extended periods and fielding good squads suited to the task at hand. Juventus have been picking up steam, though, and are poised to make life tough for Inter down the stretch. While I want to believe that AC Milan are still in it, I doubt they’ll be serious contenders come season’s end. Their aging squad has added another elder statesman in David Beckham, and the return of players like Pirlo and Ambrosini has helped prop the team up recently. Still, Kaka and Ronaldinho have yet to prove they can play effectively together and neither has been exactly scintillating so far. The middle third of the table is remarkably tight as well, with Napoli, Genoa, Lazio, and Catania all within striking distance of a top four spot. If Juve (and hoepfully Milan and Fiorentina) can give Inter a run for their money, it should be an entertaining sprint to the finish line. Anyone but Inter!


And now to the good stuff. The NFL is in its home stretch, with one more round of games to determine the lucky teams who will make the playoffs. While the Giants and Titans are essentially marking time until their second round match-ups, there are a number of battles yet to be played out. The Eagles still have a shot at a playoff spot if they can beat the Cowboys and get a little help from teams like the Bucs, Vikings, and/or Bears. The Dolphins have their fate in their own hands and can clinch the AFC East with a win this week, regardless of what the Patriots do. New England, on the other hand, has to win and then hope for a Miami loss (or tie). Come on, Dolphins. The best game of the week will be between the Chargers and Broncos for sole possession of the AFC West title, although I’ll have a hard time watching because I dislike both quarterbacks so much. Both seem like your prototypical QB jock brought up to believe their shit don’t stink. I hope they both crash and burn, but that the Chargers still win. This has the potential to be one of the more interesting playoffs in a while, with a surprising array of strong teams all with a chance to do some real damage. Just think about it. When was the last time the Colts were a five seed? The Vikings in the three spot? And the Dolphins in the playoffs at all?? Despite their stellar records, none of the top teams looks really unbeatable, so every game should be a slugfest with the potential of an upset. As long as the Patriots don’t make it, I really can’t lose this year.

So that’s that. My sports viewing in a nutshell. Does anyone really give a shit? Nope, just me, but I’ll always take the chance to prove my extensive knowledge and remind people that I know more about sports than they do AND I’m a girl. How about that X chromosome?

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