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Man City 2 – 3 Liverpool

Posted by hiphopmama on October 6, 2008

I don’t really give a shit about either of these teams, except that they both mildly irritate me, so it was really a no-win. On the one hand, I was kinda pulling for Man City as the new kid on the block against the established big guns, but on the other hand, Robinho is a whiny little bitch and Man City is way overestimating themselves in believing they can challenge the top teams right now. So you’ve signed a couple overpriced players. That’s not nearly enough to even put you in the ballpark with teams like Chelsea and Man Utd, who have been vastly overpaying players for years and have accumulated quite a few primadonnas. 

Oh yeah, the game. Stephen Ireland put City ahead in the 19th minute after the ball was rather hopelessly knocked around the box a few times. Javier Garrido then put in a sweet free kick in the 41st, and Man City went into halftime with a 2-0 lead. The second half belonged to Liverpool. Man City seemed to be on their heels the whole time, except for a couple opportunities that passed them by. Robinho in particular had a perfect goal scoring set-up, but he sent it over the bar. And he was offside anyway. The Reds finally struck back in the 56th minute, when Steven Gerrard started the attack with a through ball to Arbeloa, who put his cross in prime striking territory for Fernando Torres. It should also be noted that Robinho was too lazy to defend Arbeloa, helping provide the space for the cross. Pablo Zabaleta was sent off ten minutes later for a reckless challenge on Xabi Alonso, and Liverpool seized the advantage, with Torres scoring his second on a header from Gerrard’s corner kick. City tried mightily to hang on for the tie, but when Kuyt smashed home a Torres shot deflection in stoppage time it seemed inevitable. Liverpool also finished the game with ten men after Skrtel went off with an unclear injury that appeared to have been pretty severe, judging by his reaction. 

Pitiful performance by Manchester City, and another thrilling come from behind victory for Liverpool, who stayed tied with Chelsea at 17 points. They’re currently in second place behind Chelsea on goal differential.

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Some Soccer Notes

Posted by hiphopmama on September 15, 2008

What a debut for Robinho! Except that Man City lost, 1-3, to the clearly superior (if momentarily less wealthy) Chelsea. After a questionable foul call on Carvalho just outside the box, Robinho stepped up and blazed in a direct kick that took a deflection and sailed past Cech. Unfortunately for City, Carvalho scored the equalizer just three minutes later, and Chelsea handled it from there, with a nifty goal from Lampard in the 53rd minute and a hard-earned touch home from Anelka off a Joe Cole pass. It went pretty much according to plan for Chelsea, except that John Terry was shown a red card for reaching out to stop Jo in what referee Mark Halsey dubbed “serious foul play.” It was clearly a card, but it looked more like a yellow to me. Terry will now miss three games, including next Sunday’s match against Man U.

And dammit, can AC Milan get their act together? Kaka’s not in shape yet and maybe they’re still incorporating all the new recruits, but they can’t do better than a 2-0 loss to Genoa with Kaka, Ronaldinho, and Shevchenko up front? Not to mention the interminable list of other big names that fill their roster. Tough times for Carlo Ancelotti, for sure.

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Inauspicious Beginnings For Soccer’s Biggies

Posted by hiphopmama on September 4, 2008

How can it be that Real Madrid, Barcelona, and AC Milan all lost their opening matches? This after Barcelona and Milan retooled significantly during the off-season. Seriously, how many players did AC Milan poach from other big name teams this summer? The list is ridiculous: Ronaldinho, Zambrotta, Shevchenko, Flamini, and now Senderos, to name a few. For me, the Flamini pick-up will be the most meaningful non-Ronaldinho acquisition. He’s a solid player who has always seemed to come up big at the right times for Arsenal in recent years, and I expect more of the same in Milan. How Shevchenko fares in his return is a complete mystery to me. It seems doubtful he could ever reclaim his pre-Chelsea status, especially with Ronaldinho and Kaka as the team’s centerpieces, but maybe he could actually be worth something back in Italy, which is more than you could say for his stint in England. 

At least all is right with the world in the EPL. It’s so American of me, but these elite teams stealing, I mean ACQUIRING, smaller market teams’ players with impunity still gets under my skin. It’s great if you’re a Yankees (or Chelsea or Man U) fan, but it sucks for everyone else. And dammit, I liked Berbatov! Why did he have to go to Manchester fucking United?? My husband has a huge man crush on him. He will be so crushed.

Also, sorry if I’m not buying into Robinho and Man City’s plan to become “the world’s biggest club,” but I just don’t see it. It should make for some interesting matches in the Premier League, but I don’t see much coming of it beyond that. I’ll still be pulling for them against their crosstown rivals, though.

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