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Robredo on Djokovic: “Wah Wah Wah”

Posted by hiphopmama on September 3, 2008

Am I the only one that can’t stand Novak Djokovic and his obnoxious pre-serve routine of bouncing the ball a gazillion times? Yeah, his impersonations are funny, but, knowing him and his pompous family, it ends up making him look more like a dick. 

Anyway, he barely held out a win in five sets today against Tommy Robredo, about whom I generally only remember that he was named after the Who album, after which Robredo had this to say about Djokovic’s calling twice for the trainer:

“Novak was doing the show,” Robredo said. “I had pain, as well, all over my body because I think I run a lot more than him, and I said nothing.”

“So did I trust him? No. I think he took his time because he was a little bit more tired and that’s a part of the game,” he said. “I think that if you’re not fit enough, then don’t play.”

It probably didn’t need to be said by Robredo after a tough loss, but it’s got a good chance of being true all the same. Jankovic is another one who likes to add to the drama by bringing out the trainer. 

Djokovic also had the nerve to ponder, “Maybe they don’t like me anymore” after the crowd’s reaction to him throwing his racket and generally acting like a baby. I don’t care how many celebrities you have in your box, I’m not a fan, Nole. 

And can Federer look a little more vulnerable? Some of the sheen has definitely come off this year, and at this point it’s more than just the mono. I hope he pulls it together, but I’m gradually switching my allegiance to Rafa. This could be the turning point…

Tomorrow should be another good day at the Open. Venus vs. Serena. Fish vs. Nadal. Hopefully there will be some more close matches.


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